A general should have a short neck At any given time: So that his chest almost starts at his chin, And his spine begins from the back of his head. On a short, imperceptible neck A head sits more comfortably, And suffocation is decidedly more difficult, And a lasso canít fall onto it. But they can stretch necks And they stand on the tips of their toes: In order to see further and more accurately - Youíll have to look above all the heads. Thatís all, now youíre the dark pony (black sheep), Even if you saw a light in the distance, Itís an unstable, unsteady posture, And the open neck is ready for the noose. And any mean old warthog Will count the vertebrae on it, One can see further, but itís shortsighted To live with your neck exposed among people.
        ...This was a parable described To me by an old shaman. "Here even the fairy tales are cruel." I thought as I measured my neck.
© Peter Struwwel. Translation, ?