My friend left for Magadan. Take off your hat, take off your hat! He left on his own, left on his own, Not "on a stage", not "on a stage" Not because my friend wasnít lucky, Not in order to spite someone, Not because of a rumor, whatever they say, you crank, But simply so, but simply so. Possibly someone will say: - Itís in vain! Why do this - decide to do without everything? Everyone knows that there are only prison camps there, While inside them - murderers, while inside them - murderers! He answers: - Donít believe the rumors. There arenít more killers there than in Moscow. - Later he packs his suitcase - And off to Magadan, and off to Magadan. Itís not that I could handle the years I wouldíve jumped out of a train at night But Iím not going to Magadan, Forgetting habits, closing quotations marks I will sing under the strumming sound About what he will see, About what heís never in his life seen, - About Magadan, about Magadan. My friend left of his own accord, Heís satisfied, heís satisfied. The escort wonít be beating him, He is a volunteer, he is a volunteer. But my lot is given me by God... But, maybe, also to go to Magadan Together with my friend And lay on the bottom bunk, and lay on the bottom bunk.
© Peter Struwwel. Translation, ?