From the border we turned the Earth back, It was some business at first, But our combat twisted it back, We kicked it back from the Urals with our feet. At last they gave the order to attack, To take back our spans and shreds (scorched earth), But we remember how the sun returned And scarsely entered the east. We donít measure earth with paces, In vain do the flowers strain upwards, We push it with our boots Away from us, away from us. And the haystacks were pressed down by an east wind, The flock presses close to the cliff. We turned the terristrial axis without a handle, Changing the direction of attack. Donít get scared when the sunset isnít in the same place, The judgement day is a fairy tale for the old folks, They simply turn the earth, to where they want, Our companies of change are on the march. We crawl, we hug the mounds, Hummocks we squeeze meanly, from hate, And with our knees we knock the ground Away from us, away from us. Here no one would find, even if he wanted, Arms raised upward. For the living thereís only one use for corpses, We use the fallen for cover. This stupid lead will it find everyone at once, Where will it hit - from the front or from the rear? Someone is up there, up ahead, piled up on a pill-box, And the earth for a moment grew cold. I left my feet behind While passing the heaps of the dead, Iíll turn the terrestrial sphere with my elbows Away from me, away from me. Someone stood up all the way And after stretching his bowed back, Inhaled a bullet. But to the west, the battalion crawls to the west, So that the sun could rise in the east. Bellies in the mud, we breath in the stink of swamps, But we close our eyes to the smell. Now the sun will travel normally in the sky, Because we tear ourselves to the west! Arms, and legs all in their place? Just like on a honeymoon, with dew on your lips, Weíll tug the earth with the stems of our teeth Toward us, under us, away from us!
© Peter Struwwel. Translation, ?