Not everyone could get into our tight group, And one day - I damn the date - I took him with me and said: "Heís with me boys, pour for him!" He drank like everyone else and acted like he was glad, While we - we accepted him like a brother... But he sold everyone out the next day, - I was mistaken - forgive me, boys! I donít remember the judge - it was unbearable, Later the barracks, cold as a grave, - It seemed to me that all around was an endless night, Especially since it really was like that. Nonetheless, Iím saving the last of my strength, - He thinks that thereís no coming back from here, He buried us all too early, - Heís mistaken - believe me, boys! And the day will come - when thereís no night for a year, - All I ask, is that when itís payback time: "Since it was I who brought him then - Give him to me, boys!.."
© Peter Struwwel. Translation, ?