Iím a "Yak" interceptor, My engine whines. The sky is my abode. But the one who sits inside of me, Thinks that heís the interceptor. I beat up a "Junkers" during the last battle, I had my way with him. But the one who sits inside of me, Has been annoying me. During the battle I was shot up, And the mechanic corked me back up again, But the one who sits inside of me, Once again puts me into a corkscrew spin. A bomb from a bomber carries Death to the aerodrome, But it seems that my stabilizer sings: "Peace onto your house!" Now a "Messerschmidt" comes after me. Iím off - Iím weary from my wounds. But the one who sits inside of me, I see that heís decided to ram! Whatís he doing, thereís going to be an explosion! But I wonít burn up on the sands, Red-lines and top-speeds are all overwhelmed, I pull out and into a climb. Iím in charge. But behind, oh that I donít burn up! Where is he, my leader? Now he is starting to smoke, he nods and sings out: "Peace onto you house!" And the one who is inside my skull, Is all alone. He makes me dizzy as he puts me into a dive - Straight out of a loop. He vomits on himself, and itís a double load. Hey, me too flyer! But now heíll listen to me, But itís for the last time. I wonít be obedient anymore, I swear, Itís better to lay down on the ground. Now whatís with him, he wonít listen as my pulse quickens, Gasoline - my blood - is at zero. A machineís patience has a limit, And his time has now run out. But the one who sat inside of me, Now has pushed his face against the glass. Heís dead, Iím lucky, I fly more easy, I burn up my last strength. But whatís this?! Now Iím in a steep dive - And I canít pull out. Itís annoying, that I succeeded only a bit, But let another have some luck. He leaves, and in parting I sang: "Peace onto your house!"
© Peter Struwwel. Translation, ?