Hey, driver, take me to the Butyrskiy farmstead Where the a prison is, yes and step on it! You, comrade, are late - you are mistaken by two years They already tore the prison down to the bricks. Thatís too bad, but today Iíll use the time Like a native I decided to drive along the places... Well, okay driver, then take me to "Taganka", Iíll take a look, since Iíve spent time there. They tore down the old "Taganka" I comb through it all, on all fours! What the heck, driver, letís go back, twist and turn your cart, So that we donít have to drive though the neighborhoods. Or no, driver, letís have a smoke, Or better yet - letís have something to drink now! Weíll toast that there wonít remain in Russia another prison, That there wonít be any more prison camps in Russia!
© Peter Struwwel. Translation, ?