I was strolling the streets of the city And by chance beat up two passers-by, But when the cops came to arrest me - At the station, I saw her and died. Well, Iíd no idea why she came there. She was getting her pass checked, I guess. She was young, she was lovely, with blonde hair... I decided to find her - oh yes. I followed this girl to her door, see But Iím a thug, so what could I say? Had a drink then asked out this sweetie To a nearby railway cafe. But everyone there kept on staring - I just screamed with rage, inwardly. I almost smacked a guy for just daring To wink at her, casually. But I ordered her rolls with good caviar, Let my cash flow out like a stream, Sent requests for love songs on the guitar And asked for "Cranes" to finish our dream. I kept up my promises ítil sunrise - Swore them over and over again, Swore to the darling of my eyes: Iíd been clean over five days, then. I was saying my whole life was lost, see. Blew my nose and sobbed in my sleeve. She said, "Pay the right price, you can have me; Itís okay with me - I believe." I struck out at this young blonde beauty As the blood boiled up deep inside Knew why she was with the police, see: That girl I saw once and just died!
© John Farndon + Olga Nakston. Translation, 2022
© Anthony Cable. Performance, 2022