Not everyone was welcomed in our band, And one fine day, be cursed that date forever, I brought him by the side of me and said: "He is with me, a drink for him, my fellows!" He drank like all the rest and had his fun, And we - we greeted him like our new brother. But on the morn he sold out everyone, I was mistaken then, forgive me, fellows! I donít recall the trial, not a sight, But then came barracks, colder than the tombstone. It felt like itís a never-ending night, In fact, it was, and it was never over. Iíll save at least a sliver of my strength; He thinks that from this place thereís no returning, He buried us too soon, ahead of death, He got it wrong again, believe me, fellows! This night will not last years, the sun will shine, The reckoning will come, Iíll beg in earnest: "For it was I who brought him the last time, Will you give him to me, my fellows?"
© Kirill Tolmachev. Translation, 2022