I donít like things ending fatally 1 wonít tire: life can never be too long! I donít like that thereís any time for me When Iím not singing out a joyful song. I donít like if youíre cynical or colder But I donít care for too much of a buzz, Or when some guy looks right over my shoulder Reading my words - well, because! I donít like when things are left half done I canít stand it when a chatís ever cut short I donít like shots in the back with handguns And a point-blank shot really is no sport! I canít stand tittle-tattle any way And mudslingingís a right pain in the ass! I hate it when Iím rubbed up the wrong way, Or hearing metal scratched on glass. I donít like it when someone gets too cocky Iím hoping their brakes fail in a while. It irks me no-one now holds honour dearly And only backstabbing is in style. And when I see those sad broken wings, I feel not a jot of pity for their loss. I donít like either violence or weakness in things. I pity only Christ upon the cross. I donít like myself shivering with fright. I hate the battering of innocents. When they worm into my soul with spite - Or worse, when they spit in it. I donít like the racetrack or arena shout They cheat millions from all our little pennies And no matter what big changes come about - I will never like any of these!
© John Farndon + Olga Nakston. Translation, 2022