to Marina Vlady
The branches of spruce trees are trembling with weight, The chirps of the birds are alarming. You live in the forest so wild and bewitched From where the escape is unlikely. Let the bird cherries dry in the wind like a cloth, Let the lilacs drop petals like rainfall, All the same, I will take you away before long To the palace, where flutes are still playing. Your world remained hidden from me in a mist For thousands long years by mage powers. You’re thinking that nothing looks better than this - The forest, bewitched and enchanted. Let the leaves do not carry the dew at the morn, Let the Moon be at clash with dark heavens All the same, I will take you away before long To the terem1, that faces the ocean. What day of the week, what hour of the day, You’ll choose to approach me with caution? And when will I carry dear you far away, To place, where searches are worthless? I will steal, if your soul does concur with a theft; Did I spend all this strength just for nothing? Please agree to live happy with me in love nest, If the palace and terems are taken…
1 In 17th century Russia, terem is the upper story of elite home, usually occupied by living quarters for women.
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