We left behind us all that falls and sundowns, With hope for the minuscule, almost invisible rise! I want to believe that our black pea-coats Will give opportunity to see that sunrise. Today we got orders: Die like true heroes! Why not?! - but we could not guarantee. I only thought while smoking friendís cigarettes: Each man on his own, - sunrise is what matters to me. A special company is sapperís special esteem. Donít slash with your blade from the ambush unseen, Donít trouble yourself - even with my throat cut I will see sunrise as my final result. We strolled through their rear, avoiding to cut them in slumber, And cleared the passage, when Iíve noted in surprise, How immature, green, yet a wakeful sunflower Already have turned its head to sunrise. Behind at six thirty have been left - I know, - Not only falls and declines, but also a reached height. Teeth grinding, two bare wires were cleaned to go, - Not seeing sunrise, I knew that it would be daylight. ...Depleted company returning severed. What happened - doesnít matter, matters that blown up fort. I want to believe that our rough endeavor Will grant you opportunity to see sunrises with no effort.
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