Iím Yakovlev1 fighter, my engine sings steel, Skies are my soul and fiber, But he, whoís sitting behind the wheel, He thinks of himself as a fighter. Junkers2 went down in this last ordeal - I struck with all fighterís force. But he, whoís sitting behind the wheel, Already makes me remorse. In recent dogfights íwas hit a great deal, Mechanics did overhauling. But he, whoís sitting behind the wheel, Again, he would force me stalling. Inside bomberís bay there are bombs that will bring Death to the headquarters. But stabilizers, they are eager to sing - ďPeace for sons and daughters!Ē From left side the Messerschmitt3 gets on my heels. Iím wounded and tired of war. But he, whoís sitting behind the wheel, I see - he is going head-on! And what is he doing? Get ready to blast! But I will not burn in the rye! Velocity limits all broken at last, I exit this treacherous dive. Iím leading, behind me... I better lose wings! - Just where is he - my wingman? And now heís on fire, he just nodes and he sings: ďPeace for all your children!Ē The one, whoís sitting inside my skull, Was left by himself - a fool. He got me confused and he forced me to dive Right from the Nesterovís loop4. He switched to full throttle, he increased overloads, Well, hardly a fighter ace. Again, I would have to conform, I suppose, But this one is very last. Iíll not be submissive! I swear by those skies! Itís better to lie on the ground. Now what? Is he deaf? Canít he hear my fast pulse? My gasoline blood - it runs out?! The patience threshold of the vehicle was reached - The time for the pilot had passed. The one, whoís sitting behind the wheel, He suddenly hit the glass. Heís killed! With an ease I am flying alive, Iím burning my last reserves. Whatís this? Iím maintaining the vertical dive - Canít level the flight by myself! Itís bloody annoying that Iíve little achieved, But let Lady Luck gift others. It seems that today I was able to sing ďPeace for all your mothers!Ē
1 A Soviet WW2 fighter plane, likely a Yak-9
2 A German WW2 bomber plane, likely a Ju-87
3 A German WW2 fighter plane, likely a Bf-109
4 An aerobatic maneuver, the inside loop. In USSR it was called the deadmanís loop or Nesterovís loop, after Pyotr Nesterov, who was the first to perform it in 1913.
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