I do not like fatalities to deal with, I never felt exhaustion from my life. I do not like whatever time or season, When Iím not singing songs to my delight. I do not like cold-bloodiness of cynics; I donít believe in merriment and more: Or when a stranger sees my mail and reads it, While leaning on my shoulders for support. I do not like when one of halves is missing, Or when a conversation goes off track. I do not like when someone shoots from distance, I also much against shots at point-blank. I hate diversions, hesitationsí fledglings, The gossip game, the needle of ranks and class. Or how we always ruffle someoneís feathers, Or when we scratch with steel against the glass. I do not like the confidence of nourished, Iíd rather have a failure of my brakes! It bothers me that honor is long buried, Instead we honor slander in its place. If I can see a pair of wings thatíre broken, I wonít feel any pity or remorse. I do not like both violence and softness, But yet I pity Jesus on the cross. I do not like myself when Iím a coward I feel resent when innocents are hurt. I do not like when someone pushes forward, Into my soul, and stabs me in my heart. I do not like arenas and high stages, Where bartered cash and millions are alike. So let it be that future brings big changes, It never will be something that I like.
© Kirill Tolmachev. Translation, 2019