I am a tall and handsome lad For that, I thank my mom and dad. With folks I’m cool - I didn’t yell and never led. Didn’t bust my back, walked straight. My simple life: not small, not great; And in the work I used my hands to help my head. But there were lies and there was law - Five hundred miles - and none to draw, - The was a room, a poster: “Please respect our time”, - They eat you live, they use no salt, They stamp you blindly, without pause, They seal the parcel and send off the Mozhay line. And then - released, and then - back home. These seven years - they hang like stones; They clinch to me - you cannot dump them, cannot trade. But soon I met the glibbest boss, Who was recruiting for the cause, To drive big trucks to the Ura?l and get well paid. The road and there will sit our truck - Up to the eyeballs we are stuck. Inside - pitch black and partner’s voice has ceased. I wish he’d yell; to hell this sight! Five hundred left, five hundred right, But he is clattering the Saber Dance with teeth! We both knew well about this route, The need for trucks was quite acute, Our task is simple - just start and drive through night and day! But what the heck! - The New Year night! Five hundred left, five hundred right, Through storm we honk in vain, and help is far away! “Turn off the engine! - he now says, And let this truck be burned in flames!” You see yourself - there’s nothing left for us to catch! You see yourself - five hundred miles Tonight it’ll be - the snowy isles, - We’ll disappear - we’ll be buried in this patch! And I would say - “Now stop this stench!” But he would grab the socket wrench, A wolfish look - (he sometimes is a hard-boiled one); But what of him? - five hundred miles And one who wins will stay alive, Would be the one to prove when all is said and done! He was as close as my own fam - He ate trustworthy from my palm. But now he stares point-blank - and chills go down the spine. But what of him? - five hundred miles And who will add to future files, That he forgot that I - his friend, and he - was mine?! He disappeared without a bleep. I let it go, I fall asleep: I had a dream regarding our amusing trip As it’s indeed - five hundred miles, Your eyes are steady on the dials, There is no exit, only one way to the deep. ...The end was dull: the tractors rock: They brought the rope, they brought the doc. The truck delivery was finally complete. And yet he came - one shaky son... But I will do another run, I don’t hold grudges - I will take him on the trip!
© ?. Translation, 2019