Deep inhale, keep arms tad wider. Do not rush, keep up your counter! Mental health, the effortlessness’s fantastic! Every mood’s improving, Any day we’re grooving, If you are still kickin’, Do gymnastics! Trapped inside your small apartment? Lie down flat and let’s get started! Please repeat each sequence in slow motion, To prevent all bad emotions Exercise, and with devotion! Deep inhale until ex– haustion! Every day this flu is growing, Virus’s there, but you keep moving! This disease is treacherous and dangerous. If you’re weak, prepare a coffin! To stay safe, do this quite often: A cold bath prevents from coughs and temperature! Please no talking and keep moving: Forward lunges till you puking, Don’t be sad, depressed and never gloomy! If you are indeed all sweating, Take sponge bathes any second, A cold shower is also less end- during! If you are already tired, Do some squats and forward lunges. We’re not afraid of Antarctica or Arctic The big brain, professor Ioffe1 Proved again that gin and coffee Less effective than sports and prophy– lactics. Aren’t no news for us to scary: We to start a jogging rally! Run in place will make you smiling, Grace will come for all who’re running, No regrets and no chest thumping! Run in place is very re– consiling.
1 Abram Ioffe (1880-1960) was a prominent Russian/Soviet physicist.
© Kirill Tolmachev. Translation, 2020