I run, trample, skidding on the cinder track - I canít eat, I canít drink, I canít sleep - not a wink. And, perhaps, Iíd like to take a walk by Guriev Timoshka - But no: I run, I run, I trample on the cinder track. And a Guinean, Sam Brook, Ran a ring around me - And, yesterday, everyone around said: "Sam, our friend! Sam, our Guinean friend!" But our Guinean friend is rushing so much - The gap getting so much bigger - Well, I only hope that I get a second wind. Behind him, I look for a third, Then a fourth wind - Well, on the fifth, I catch up With the Guinean! Also a good friend to me, he ran a ring around me! And, yesterday, everyone suddenly said: "Sam, our friend! Sam, our Guinean friend!" The star attraction is the marathon, And itís all of thirty degrees - But heís used to the heat, You see, heís built for the task. I would look over at him, If it were minus thirty! But now, get after him, All thatís left is to swear! Also a good friend to me, He ran a third ring around me! Like I need a friend like this - Whatís he... I forgot... Sam Brook! Sam - our Guinean Brutus!
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