Same old same old, we’re either gloomy or we’re cheerful, But If we are to choose and it requires prudence, We make our choice, selecting suits of timber, Humans! Humans! Of course they would suggest that we can lose, not win. They say: “How foolish, you just started living! You’re actually just about to begin!” But then they give a choice to take or leave it. It’s either beaches, expositions or, for instance, The vessels that carry goods they must deliver. The social meetings, stagecoaches, expeditions, Or, simply put, these common suits of timber. They will be either gloomy or too cheerful They’ll play the roles of evil jokers or good men, Despite of this, they’ll offer us suits of timber. Humans! Humans! They even would allow to smoke and to take five, They will remember our need for smoking. “You hardly even started through your life!” But then they give a choice to take or leave it. Elusive something is what cigarettes evoke: A single puff brings joy to pensive thinking. I crave for smoking! Oh, how much I want to smoke! Yet, it’s high time to choose our suits of timber. A happy life they’ll hand us on a silver platter: It is so courteous of them as well as moving, But we’ll refuse and they will land a brutal bashing. Humans! Humans! Humans!
© Kirill Tolmachev. Translation, 2021