Some believe in Budha, some in Allah, some in Jesus Some believe in nothing just to spite everyone else A good religion was created by the Hindus: When we succumb to death we never really die ourselves. If you are one whose spirit strives Be born anew with dreams But if like swine you lived your life Then you’ll remain a pig. Let people give you croocked looks - get used to criticism And disappointing - though reborn still targeted by slight And if you saw your foe die while still in this existance Then you’ll be gifted in the next with vision sharp and right So let life take its natural course There’s reason to be happy Cause it might be into a boss Your spirit will inhabit
So if you are a janitor - reborn an engineer And then from engineer to a minister you’ll fly But if you’re dumb as wood - be born a tree of Cedar And be a Tree of Cedar for eons till you die Doesn’t it suck as parakeet Whole century repeating, Isn’t it better in life to be A decent human being. So who is whom and who was what? - we never really know Their minds lost, geneticists, from genes and chromosomes Cause it could be this balding cat was previously a rouge And this lovable man had been a kind dog. I am jumping higher from delight I’m stepping round temtation Convinient religious rite This Indian creation!
© Alex Lvovsky. Translation, ?