I couldnít make it through my first long term. Iíll get an extra year, or four, if needed. Hey, guys, please write me just a simple note, How is it going in your world of freedom? What do you drink? We hardly drink at all, Thereís only snow around in sunny weather. Hey, guys, please write your stories, great and small, Thereís nothing going on here, altogether. I miss you greately, more than you would know, Iím desperate to see your dearest faces. How is Nadyukha? Who is she with now? Alone? Then ask her for a couple phrases. Your letter will be my surviving thread. Itís like the Final Judgement, hardly better. They may withhold it, so itíll be unread; Regardless, fellows, please do write a letter.
© Kirill Tolmachev. Translation, 2022