Why should I rub shoulders with hoodlums and bandits? Would not it be bolder to join anti-Semites? Their side is not backed by direct legislation, but rather by acts of the large population. Iíve made up my mind - someoneís gonna get beaten! But Iíve got to find who the Semites are, really. What if they are very respectable people, What if I get tangled with something illegal? My friend and adviser, a drunkard from Spirits, explained and surprised me: the Jews are called Semites! This could not be better - a jackpot, my dear! No room left for jitters, thereís nothing to fear! But I hesitated, since during my lifetime Iíve deeply respected the genius of Einstein. I still have to ask, and I hope youíll forgive me, with whom should I stack Mr. Abraham Lincoln? Among them is Kapler, imprisoned by Stalin, my favorite actor - the great Charlie Chaplin, my friend Rabinovich, the Holocaust victims, and even the author of socialismís dictums. But then the same boozer increased my commitment: the Jews drink the lifeblood of Christian infants! And once oíer a bottle I heard the displeasing: in times long forgotten they crucified Jesus. Theyíre eager for blood: in the heat of the moment, an elephant had been subjected to torment! We are hit the hardest by acts of the evil: they stole the whole harvest of bread from the people. And many a cottage in suburbs theyíre building. For them thereís no shortage, like gods they are living. Iím set for all things: for pogróms and destruction. Iím beating the Yids and Iím saving my Russia!
© Kirill Tolmachev. Translation, 2023