Thereís hick protected forest near Muromís merky place Where evil spirits flourish at an everlasting pace. Everyone has safety lack being frail and pale. And a nickname for main thugs is a nightingale. Itís scary as hell. Itís a land of bewitched marshes with kikimaras inside, Who will smear in the ashes, take to depths whereís no light. Everybodyís just a catch that is factual. And wood-goblins are unmatched. Itís still actual. Itís scary as hell. To the death each gets a ticket both the noble or the pawn If he walked into this thicket for a reason or with none. Everyone got disappeared unexceptionally. Folks just whisper tales in ears confidentially. Itís scary as hell. From a foreign beastly woodland which is outrightly hell Visited another brute band who would torture humans well. To discuss and to share experience Theyíd define first and square expedience. Itís scary as hell. Disregarding misconceptions that surround creepy pests, Russian Nightingale the Robber gave reception to those guests. They used skulls for potionsí drinks with the fresh squeezed blood Then spelled on each other jinx lying drugged in mud. Itís scary as hell. Dragon climbed upon a tree peak and yelled at the top his lungs: Hey, Chief Robber, bring some strippers. I am ready for wild pranks. Let íem dance in underwear, let íem sing. Otherwise, youíll lay - I swear - in the zinc. Itís scary as hell. Everybody roared like crazy weíve endured for too long. You do not deserve the praising and Ďll be easily dethroned. You already took our stuff, greedy Harvest Bug. No free hookers. Thatís enough! Scram, the ugly thug! Itís scary as hell. And head Nightingale the Robber wasnít borne just yesterday He in turn began to clobber in a violent display: Get away, triple drunk, go instantly. Or if not youíll be hung on that Christmas tree. Itís scary as hell. Only old grey-haired people can remember ancient dread When the evil spirits crippled their own and dropped dead. Outrage has gone for good. Itís a history. Everyone walks into woods free of mystery. It ainít scary as all.
© Edward Leitman. Translation, 2011