Rain or shine, I always stay unbuttoned, Barefoot through the puddles, fields and dew. And my steedís an ambler, doesnít gallop - Different from others, that is true! I am often scolded by my sergeant, For Iím out of step most of the time. I pick up my pace like it is urgent, Then the whole formation falls in line. My true idols are the market sellers, Everyone is promising the moon. I wonít be a singer, I can tell you, For Iím singing mostly out of tune. Yes, I know the payoff will come shortly, I just wish there was a tomb reserved. On a sign that begs us to speak softly, I will never read this second word. Ask me to speak softly? - Your decision. But this second word I cannot bear. I am reading "Speak!" in my revision, And of course, my voice is loud and clear. Of two evils - too much light or darkness, People often choose the dark of night. My beloved and I donít care, regardless, We are walking only in the light. Do not smoke if they do not permit it - Smoke when you canít stand it anymore. Donít act strange if they are not submitting To your ever naked, muted core!
© Kirill Tolmachev. Translation, 2023