About our meeting what is there to say! - Ive been waiting for her like natural disasters, - But you and I immediately began to live. without fear of harmful consequences. I immediately narrowed down your circle of acquaintances, Dressed, puffed and pulled out of the mud, - There was a long tail behind you. The long tail of your short connections. Then I remember beating your friends: I was uncomfortable with them, Maybe they were among them. Must be great guys. What I asked for, I did in a moment. Ive been trying to get married every night. Because of you, I jumped under the train, But, thank God, not very well. And if youd waited for me that year, When I was sent to the cottage, Id steal the whole sky for you And two Kremlin stars to boot. And I swear - the last one will be a creep! - Dont lie, dont drink, and Ill forgive the betrayal. I will give you a great theater. And the Small Sports Arena. Now I am not ready for the meeting: I fear thee, and fear thee. As residents of Japanese cities They fear a repeat of Hiroshima.
?. Translation, 2012