I dont like the fatal outcome, I never get tired of life. I dont like any time of year, When I dont sing funny songs. I dont like cold cynicism, I dont believe in enthusiasm, and yet - When a stranger reads my letters, Looking over my shoulder. I dont like it when its half-hearted. Or when they stopped talking. I dont like being shot in the back, Im also against point-blank shots. I hate gossip in the form of versions, Worms of doubt, honors of the needle, Or when all the time against the wool, or when iron on glass. I do not like the certainty of satiety, Better to give up the brakes. Im sorry the word "honor" is forgotten. And that in honor lies for the eyes. When I see broken wings - There is no pity in me, and for a reason: I do not like violence and powerlessness, It is a pity for the crucified Christ. I dont like myself when Im trash, I hate it when innocent people are beaten. I dont like being dragged into my soul, Especially when they spit in it. I dont like arenas and arenas: They change milon for ruble. There are big changes ahead - I will never love this!
?. Translation, 2014