Four years our "Corsair" was roaming the seas In storms and battles our ensign did not fade its colors We’ve learned to fix the sails in any breeze And used our bodies to plug the cannon holes. We’re being chased by squadron day and night The wind is weak and we cannot avoid a battle But said our Captain, without any sign of fright "It’s not the end yet, so keep your mettle!" The leading frigate turned sidewise to us And her portside engulfed in clouds of smokes We fire back our own broadsides... Fire and death afar - results of our strokes! We have survived worse business in the past But there’s no wind and holds are flooding badly Despite, again the Captain is telling us "It’s not the end yet, so keep your mettle!"
We’re being watched through glasses by hundreds eyes And they see us covered by soot and bleeding gores No matter what, but they’ll never witness us Chained like the slaves to galley’s oars.
Uneven battle, and our ship’s list is broad We’re facing fierce storm of fire, smoke and metal But Captain’s order is "Prepare to board! It’s not the end yet, so keep your mettle!" Who wants to live, who’s game, who’s not a wimp Prepare your hands to dish a bloody maul, While rats can go and leave the sinking ship No need for them to hinder us in merciless brawl. And rats were thinking "Why the Devil not!" But then they jumped as shrapnel nearby rattled, While we with frigate came board to board. "It’s not the end yet, so keep your mettle!" Face facing face, eye eyeing eye, knife knifing knife So as not to end as food for filthy shark or shrimp Who’s with a sword, who’s with a pistol and who’s in strife We were abandoning the sinking ship. But no! We will not leave her to her fate! The ocean will help by keeping her afloat Because the ocean is truly our mate And Captain was right: "It’s not the end yet!"
© Dmitri Sivan. Translation, 2006