Go to your grave! Or, hit the road - quickly! Yes! Choices facing us are so few. We are condemned to have a life of meekly - We chained to it, to make it certain that we do. And some have truly trusted in a rush - Believed without thought, without reason. But is it really life - when you are crushed? But is it really choice - if you’re imprisoned? Insidious favor furtively us given - Like an advice of double-crossing frauds: Death from our own - behind the stone hidden, Behind - is also death, but from the foes. Our souls are numbed, our bodies moribund, And we keep silent, just like pawns in a game, But if we looked through windscreen, we’d find The Shame, who sneers at us and mocks our names. If we had strength to rip apart our shackles - We then would also rip through jugular vein Of him, who chained us to the life "miraculous", Whoever he may be or what’s his name. Do really we hold faith for something better? Or may be, we’re too weak to break the bonds? Why keep we banging on the Heaven’s Gates so fretted We use bare knuckles against the solid iron doors? We have been offered exit from the war, But asking price is way beyond the reason: We are condemned to live a life prolonged Through utter guilt, through utter shame, through utter treason! But, even - life, is worth such price demanded?! The road is not finished, so be calm! - Even away from that Great War, or by the side of it It’s possible to die devoid of shame. So it’s too early to equate us with the slime - We will not build our nests on rotting ground! We will not die through anguished life of shame - We’d better come alive through death, unbound!
© Dmitri Sivan. Translation, 2006