The hand that was dealt: Us two - and them eight, Not super, but we’ll take them on! Hold firm, mate! The fix we are in isn’t great But worse odds we’ve previously won. This patch of the sky - I will not abandon The numbers are totally mute - My mate is behind, so my back is defended, And that means our chances are good. One got on my tail, then burst into flames and Propeller wailed loud epitaph. He won’t even need a cross at the grave’s head, The crosses on wings are enough! "Leader to wingman - They are behind you and over! I’m attempting to intercept! Put out your flames! Get in the clouds! I’ll cover! There’s no miracle save in this scrap!" "C’mon mate! Bail out! Your plane is alight! So Jump now! Get out of this jam!" Too late! I am too locked in by enemy fighters, And my only choice is to ram. I know that others will even the score soon. But through the clouds will glide Our souls, like two planes that will soar as twosome, - Cause they always fly side by side. Archangel will tell us: "Life in Heaven is demanding!" But just as they close gates tight, We’ll ask God to send us in the force he’s commanding To the toughest of Angel Flights! And I will ask God - Father, Son, Holy Spirit To grant me a single plea: Let my mate forever protect me from peril, Like he did in our last melee. The wings and the arrows we’ll solicit from Deity, They must need an angel-ace! And if they have fighters already aplenty, Then please make the Guardians of us. To Guard - is the duty of utmost honour, To carry good fortune in hand. Just like during life we’ve strived to endeavour, In the air as well as on land.
© Dmitri Sivan. Translation, 2006