My own fault, Iím shedding tears and sighing pain Drove in too deep anotherís lane My aims were aimed by me to choose myself But now Iím in so deep no outs left Round and slippery banks Surrounding me on my flanks I curse those who laid out this path Soon my patience will burst into wrath Mouthing of like a student gone bad On this lane, in this lane, lane that. But why I feel so discontent pompous am I Conditions in this lane are normalized No one will hit or rub against do not complain And if you wish then go ahead youíve got a lane Plenty of food and drink Into this cozy lane I sink Lively gotten myself to believe Not alone in this lane I weave Just like that, wheel for wheel And weíll all go wherever it will But someone yelled as if insane: "Hey let me be!" Began to argue with the lane, stupidly And in the heat he burned his stock of warmth of heart, And then his engine overclocked and fell apart. But he managed to warp both sides And the lane got that much more wide Then he vanished without a trace The foolís dragged to the dithch in great haste So he wonít interfere with us Those behind him following un masse. And now it seems my turn has come the starterís dead This ainít driving any more grinding instead. I should get outside and push not enough speed Perhaps someone will save my tush and pull me free... But I am waiting here in vain This is, of course, anotherís lane Oh I wish I could spit mud and clay This lane ainít mine anyway Since I deepend it all by myself Those behind have no hopes left Then struck by piercing cold sweat down to the bone And I have moved a little bit the side alone And look this flankís been washed away by Springtime creeks There is an exit from this lane I am saved, I am free! Under my tires I sling dirt Into the lane from which I swearved. You behind me do as I do Which means donít follow me This lane is for me - not for you Find a way thatís for you - not for me
© Alex Lvovsky. Translation, ?