As the years and centuries and epochs go by All things strive towards warmth from the blizard and frost Why do these birds toward northern lands fly If for birds to the south the earth must be crossed Fame and grandeur to them is not wanted Underneath all that ice leaves from site And the’ll find a birds paradise granted As reward for their daring flight For what could we not live, what could we not dream? What expelled us to trek on high waves? We’ve not seen seen the light’s brilliant beam Seldom brilliance with value behaves Total quiet - just segulls like lightning Feed them emptiness from our empty hands And rewarding us for our silence Will be the sound of our song when we land. For so long we have dreamt only white Other shades of snow do not exist We’ve been blinded by this brilliant light But the black line of earth can be seen through the mist Our throats will let go of silence Our fear like shadow melts away And rewarding us for our nights of violence Will be eternal polar day. North, will, hope, a land without border Snow without dirt like a life without lies Ravens will not gouge our eyes to bring order Because in these parts no raven flies Those who did not believe in dark prophecies Never lay in the snow to rest As reward for their lonely policies They’ll be met by a true friend at last.
© Alex Lvovsky. Translation, ?