Why has everything changed? Everything is the same: The sky is still shedding blue light The same forrest, same air, same water, same rain Only he is not back from the fight. Now Iíll never find out who was right among us In our disputes, without respite. Only now I find I miss him because He didnít return from the fight. He was awkwardly quite, out of turn he would hum And he missed all the points outright He would not let me sleep, he was up with the sun Yesterday he was lost in the fight That its empty - thatís not what this is about There is a TWO that is missing from sight And it feels as if wind had my fire blown out When he didnít return from the fight Burtsing out, as if from captivity, Spring By mistake I call out for a light "Friend, a smoke" but only the wind answering Yesterday he was lost in the fight Our dead will not leave us in fires to bake Our fallen - like gurdians defend And the forest reflecting the sky, like a lake And the trees radiating blue stand For us, space in the bunker was plenty enough And together we watched timeís flight Now itís all just for one, but it feels like a bluff Feels like I really died in the fight.
© Alex Lvovsky. Translation, ?