If you ever begin to doubt What your best friend is all about, If you find youíre not sure enough If heís got the right stuff, Take the man on a climb next time! Keep him close by your side - and guide. When heís roped fast to you like glue, Youíll find out if heís true. If this guy on the slopes just mopes, On the first rugged stretch, heíll kvetch, Sets one foot on the ice - no dice! Stumbles once, and then punts - Then heís useless up here, thatís clear. Donít go cleaning his clock, just walk: Folks wonít want him along for long, And heís not worth a song. But if he trudged with no fuss or muss, If heíd grumble but scale the shale, When you plunged - that piton was gone! - He looked wan but held on, If he slogged all the way that day, Stood up drunk on the peak, though weak, Then youíve learned you have one true friend: Count on him till the end.
© Timothy Sergay. Translation, 2017
Translated in collaboration with Vadim Astrakhan
© Ian Moore. Performance, 2023