We left far behind all declines, all our failures and sunsets. Just give us a minuscule, almost invisible rise! I want to believe that our black double-breasted wool jackets Will give us a chance to observe yet another sunrise. Today in formation they told us: "Must die like true heroes!" "Weíll try. Not a problem. Weíll see, but we canít guarantee." I only decided, while puffing my friendís borrowed ciggies: "Each man to his own, but this dawnís all that matters to me." A special detail is the highest acclaim for a sapper. Donít jump from the shrubs with a knife on my back, itís unwise. Donít trouble yourself - if my very own throat is now severed, I will see this sunrise before my own final demise. We strolled through their rear while restraining to slash them in slumber. The passage was opened and then I observed with surprise, - A green, immature, yet so very responsive sunflower Already has turned its small head right towards the sunrise. I know this for certain, behind us were left at six-thirty Not only these falls and declines, but a rise and a climb. Teeth grinding, two separate wires I now strip in a hurry; The skies are still dark, but I know itíll be light in no time. ...Our company walks away smaller than ever. What happened wonít matter, what counts is the blown-up old fort. I want to believe that our risky and dirty endeavor Will give you a chance to observe the sun rise at no cost.
© Kirill Tolmachev. Translation, 2019