Why should I hang out with gangsters and bums? Better to join my antisemitic chums, Gain admiration of millions for my cause, Bask in their enthusiasm and hear their appllause. But now that Iíve made up my mind who the victims are to be, I thought I should also examine and see, Who are those Semites whom I am to hate? How do they threaten my future and fate? But my buddy the vino gave me the clue A Semite is really, just a plain Jew. The Jews are the ones to beware of. Now I know exactly who must be taken care of. But I must admit my long time admiration, For several members of this despicable nation. For example, forgive me but I got to thinking, What will I do about Abraham Lincoln? Not to mention Einstein and Chaplin And Kapler the victim of Stalin. My friend Rabinovich the victim of fascism? I must not forget the father of Marxism. But the same pal, the vino had a list of their activities: Such as drinking Christian blood at the time of festivities. He also learned in the pub, from reliable sources That they crucified God through their criminal forces. They even poisoned the elephant at the city Zoo, it appears And stolen the harvest of the last few years.         Near the Kursk Kazan highway where battles took place, They live like gods in dachas, defiling our glory. Now I am looting, raping and maiming, I am beating those Yids and Holy Russia Iím saving.
© Misha Allen. Translation, 1987