Compared to me, any gambler is just a piker, I have nothing against that small fry, donít get me wrong. Just get me a two way ticket to Monte Carlo, So I could put the fear of God into their hearts. I am not interested in hooking up with all their beauties, As to those wheels,I have to look at them just once... Those dealers wonít know even what hit them, While I hop a train and come right back. I shall come home full of memories and nice impressions, How I guzzled those coctails and listened to their jazz... How I played the red and on the black, Leaving only the gaming tables there behind... I tell you all this without any bragging, I have no time to fool around: my time is up; But for the good of our own government I shall deposit, All the winnings in our own State Bank. I bring to light the above well intended facts All I ask for is the chance and a two way ticket to Monte Carlo.    
© Misha Allen. Translation, 1987