Hello, my comrades, now Iím in lovely Paris. And I will note what I see and hear. With certain burdens of commitment that it carries Iíll write a book about living here. In Paris Russians are so needed Like old French flu thatís gone untreated. Forget a flirt with girls from Ipanema. French women are the coolest in the world. But donít be fooled, Iím facing some dilemma - I with an accent utter every word. In Paris Russians are so needed Like damned swine flu thatís still mistreated. Iím spending well the precious time of leisure. While outside of my Mercedes-Benz I spit from Eiffel Tower with pleasure Right on lightheaded residents of France.     Above a belt of Earth and way below The Russian presence canít be missed at all. In Parisí public restrooms just all over Youíll find familiar writings on a wall. Oh, Russians are in Paris needed As new vaccine for AIDS to treat it.
© Edward Leitman. Translation, 2009