In a kingdom where everythingís quiet With no war, no cataclysm, or no storms, A wild beast emerged who had as a diet Human flesh in any shapes, any forms. Stomachache and asthma sickened the ruler. Just his cough could scare people to death. And meanwhile a fiend according to rumor Was about to commit a bloodbath. Right away the king announced proclamation That the monster we would have to defeat. If a hero can stop this predation, A princess heíll marry as royal treat. In that troubled and desperate nation Right across of common straightforward roads A sharpshooter lived in abomination, The one who breaks communitiesí codes. Folks and whores lied on a floor in his mansion. In abundance they drank liqueurs with mead. Troubadours read there decrees as mentioned, Took the shooter upon handling the writ. After clearing his throat monarch uttered: Moral values I wonít tell you to learn. But Iím sure that you gonna be flattered. And I know that the princess you yearn. And the shooter then replied: please, donít bother, Have not doubts that a beast will be dead. Even though you are a very good father, With your daughter I donít want to be wed. But the king insisted: no more discussion. Otherwise, you will be certainly jailed. He replied that even with repercussions I would have to be eventually bailed. They engaged in a dispute long and loud While the monster killed most women and chicks. In conclusion king at last disavowed Own order after days, after weeks. Still a princess sits alone in a palace. Evilís killed and lifeís again back in peace. Thatís a story how king was embarrassed, How literally stayed on his knees.
© Edward Leitman. Translation, 2011