It was so, I loved her and suffered. It was so, I dreamed of her love. I saw her in my hidden sleep-dreams Like a rider on a snow-white steed. Could all that wise dull books compare with The moment when I kissed her slight footprint? What was with you in past, oh queen of my daydreams? What happened after to you, let me see a hint. Our souls they bathed in that spring. Our heads swam in flame that we lit. Pain and sorrow were flying away, And it seemed that the anguish is failed. But now I am ready to dig graves, I laugh through tears and I cry without reasons. Your blood is cold and of snow it is made, You are afraid of future death or even living. I have got, that the songsíre in the past I have got, dreams already had passed. Days were long full of knits spun of lie, She was filled with illusions and guil. I burn remains of festive and chic clothes I tear strings to get a freedom from this dope. Iíll never be a slave of shadowy nice false, Iíll stop to worship those idols of feigned hope.
© Irina Sedova. Translation, 2020