When waters of the Deluge were returning back to the coast boundaries once more, From foam of the flow that went far off Love came without words and got ashore And melted in the air quite unseen For ages till the human stops to be. And there are someones who don’t beware And breathe this mixture with their full breasts. They never wait awards or punishment, so they think that there’s nothing special adds They don’t expect but suddenly they get in time with breathing that was just the same. Yet the feeling like an ocean ship destined to a sailing in a mist Till you guess that words "I love" can mean Even that "I breathe" either "I live". And there will be wandering and roaming as love is land of boundless expanse. So it will put its knights to test more strongly, fidelity and patience more or less will be required using common partings. Love will deprive them comfort and a rest. But nothing can turn back the crazy ones, Because they all agree to pay full price. They’re ready even to risk their lives in purpose to keep invisible magic thread alive in any circumstances of the life. They keep the thread connecting their souls That fresh wind made drunk selected ones And it knocked them down or yet revived. For you see, if you have never loved then you didn’t live nor breathe all time. But still a lot of people choked with love feelings They’re unavailable, none will force them back. Though idle talk and rumor do them tally, but this account is involved in death. And let us put some candles in their headboard Because of wondrous love that perished them. The voices of them sound in the beat The souls of them can walk in blooming fields. Eternity is breathing with their breathing They see just one another when they meet at thin brittle crossing through a river bridge and narrow way corners of World Building I will make the fields for loving hearts Let them sing in waking and in dreams. For I breathe and this means that I love, If I love this means that I still live.
© Irina Sedova. Translation, 2023