In a drunken haze, Down the forest way, Still not tired, I stayed, To my health I sang. I knew how to sing Songs not great or wise, "How I loved you so, These darkest of eyes." First they slacked, then they dashed, then trotted at pace, And some old horse flicked swampy slime in my face. Only I will swallow it - the dirt, down with my spit, Bottle open, Iíll twist, and again Iíll draw them in: "These darkest of eyes! How I loved you so..." I stopped, saving some For the future, though. And I shook my head, Let my fancy fly, Looked back, then ahead - Whistled until I... Wall of forest ahead - it wonít let me pass, The horsesí ears prick, they start to back up. Whereís a clearing, or glade - canít make out no grass! Prickles stab at me, reaching up to the shrubs. Youíre my blood brother, Just give me a hand! Where you going, my boy - Why you heading back?! Poison rain on branches Stinks of evil deeds. And a wolf flashes Underneath my steed. Oh, you drunken fool! Youíve gone way too hard! Deathís come, after all, donít know how to run - Came and took an ace from my pack of cards, That one ace you need, or else death comes! I scream at the wolves: "May you rot in hell!..." And the horsesí hooves Shake with fear as well. Then I rustle my whip - Beat and turn it high, And scream, as I grip: "These darkest of eyes!" Snorting, trampling, clanking, a wild dance - Bells are jingling a tune out to me. Oh, my horses, itís me whoíll ruin you at last - Hold out, my friends, hold out, enemies! ...Even drunkenness, On the chase, dried up. On a mountain ridge, We are lined right up, Us, in clouds of foam, Jets poured on the hills, Got our breath, and croaked, Cleared our throats, then, still... My forgotten horses, never letting me down, I bowed to their hooves, right on the ground, Threw my things out the cart, led the horses after me, May God bless you, my horses, I got out in one piece!                
© ?. Translation, 2016