The city blocked its ears up, and wanted to fall sleep, And all its inhabitants hid in their burrows. But, at this hour, Iíve got another thousand things to do - Draw the blinds And check the locks! All for nothing: a strong lock wonít save you, You wonít get to sleep calmly in your house - Because today I went out on the blag, And Kolíka Deminís On the lookout, at the corner. And may the lift-man watch over you at night, And you didnít put out the light, like normal - I already ground a nail into the lock long ago, Drank some water And took your things. You saw and heard, how the leaves shake Your skinny, frail relics - Iíve done my deed, and now, straight back, And the things, to mama In Maríina Roshchŗ. And then, I can walk around and drink until morning, So that the guitars ring out and sing, And sleep peacefully, so I donít, in my sleep, Get nightmares, see Cops and plank-beds. When the cityís gone to sleep, when the cityís quiet - For me, itís just the start of my work... Sleep, citizens, in your warm flats - Goodnight, See you next Saturday!
© ?. Translation, 2016