Just think, like we do, that weíve barely been drinking. I swear to God, man. Seryoga, tell him! And if we didnít grind vodka from sawdust, Thereíd be no more than five bottles for us! ...By the storeroom counter, we drank the second, That was just for starters, however. Then, in the square, by the childrenís playground, After... Donít remember, it all went down. You bet: I drank from the bottle, hadnít eaten, was too tired, But I was just like glass, glazed over, completely wired. And when a stroller came, its wheels turning, Weíd hit seven hundred mils per person! True, we dragged off the third by force, but then, you see... Weíd had a mishap, overdid it completely. Smashed up the glasses of some fella, And the port-wine didnít make matters better. The first fellow said to us "youíd better cut it out, Donít be thugs, go on, break it up now." Straight away, I agreed to "break it up," I broke off, that is to say, I strung him straight up! But if I abused anyone, then strike me down! How could I have? Seryoga, tell them now! íCos with blurry vision, I hit the deck, Screamed not from sadness but from being a wreck. ...Now Iím going off the record, let me just say: What do they teach us at home and school, anyway? That life strictly punishes these types - no? See, we agree! Seryoga, put them right! When he gets up in the morning, heíll say, obviously: Let life be the on to judge and punish me! So let me go - itís easier, for your sake: Once life passes judgement, thereís no more to take. You donít see it, but Seryoga nods along - He completely understands whatís going on! And as he hushes down, as if from agitation, Itís really from enlightenment and perception. Donít lock us up, good people, our kids cry heavy, Heís got to get to Khimki, Iím up in Medvedki! In any case: the buses arenít running, The metroís closed and taxis wonít take us in. Itís nice, all the same, that they respect us: Look, theyíre giving us a lift, Seryoga, and putting us up! Weíre woken in the morning, not by a crowing rooster, But by a Sergeant coming up, almost like a human! They lead us off, almost musically, as weíre waking. Iíve stashed away a ruble, Seryoga, letís get back drinking! And even then my brother, our road ahead is fearsome! Ah! You poor bastard! Seryoga, just keep sleeping!
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