Weve left falls and sunsets behind our backs If only we had a slightest let not discernible take-off! I wish I could believe that our black marines jackets Will give us chance to see the sunrise today. Today weve been told in public "Die a heroic death!" Well try to - no problem! Well see which way itll turn out I just thought smoking somebody elses crude cigarettes Everyone will try out their luck - I mean to see the sunrise. A special coy - special honour for a sapper Dont jump on my back out of branches with a sheath knife Save yourself effort - be it with a ut up throat but Im Going to see the sunrise before my end. We raided the rear areas keeping off stabbing them in sleep When suddenly I noticed after they had cut out an opening I noticed a young green but keen-sensed sunflower Turn its head up to the sunrise Behind our backs at six thirty, I know, there had been left Not only falls, sunsets but a take-off and sunrise as well On my last legs, Im stripping two bare wires Ive not seen the sunrise but I felt it coming The thinned coy are moving back towards us again What happened-that happened, what only matters is a blown-up fort Id like to believe that our rough job Gives you chance to see the sunrise tax free.
Nadia ?. Translation, 2016