They’re eight now, we are two. The furball1 layout’s Not ours, let it be - we’re game! Serjozha! Hold on, we’ve no chance shining on us But aces have yet to come square I won’t be a dot2 in this grid square of heaven And numbers don’t count for me Today my true friend is my wingman3 up here This makes all chances agree Check six4, there’s a "Messer"5, at last, it caught fire The props blades wailed their due They never will need any crosses at graveyards The crosses on these wings will do! “Alert6, this is One here7. For bandits8 check belly9 I’ve come up to cut them off track Quench fire and hawk in the clouds10! I’ll tail you! No miracles happen in battle!" Serguey, you’re on fire! Pray, man, or set hopes At this point on hitting the silk11 Too late now, ahead is "a Messer" for my soul Adios12, I will meet it at twelve13 I know that others will make it all square And gliding on clouds as one Our souls will take off like two fighter jet planes As they can be never split up The Archangel tells us: "You’ll sit tight in heaven!" But after the gates go click We’ll ask God a favour “Enroll us together In some Angels Regiment here” And I will implore Father, Son and the Spirit To kindly fulfil what I ask Let my friend forever be my wingman in here Just like in the combat of last We’ll ask God for arrows and wings for us both They need here an angel ace And if there’re too many of fighters for God They might make us guardians as well To guard, after all, is a noble endeavour While wafting good luck on the wing To those like we were, me and Serjozha On earh and in the air.
1 multiple aircraft engagement (a dogfight).
2 refers to how a distant aircraft looks on the horizon, ("I’m a dot" means "I’m out of here").
3 second aircraft/pilot in a two-ship formation which flies behind the leader to protect it from an aft attack.
4 visual observation of the rear quadrant, from which most air-to-air attacks can be expected. Refers to the clock system of scanning the envelope around the aircraft; 12 o’clock is straight ahead, 6 o’clock is directly astern.
5 a Messerschmitt plane.
6 warning command in air combat.
7 a standard radiocall for a Russian leading aircraft.
8 hostile aircraft.
9 hostile aircraft are flying below.
10 staying above, out of combat engagement.
11 bailing out.
12 part of AMF message ("Adios, Mother fucker").
13 head-on collision.
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