Once, I took a stroll through the capital, Two passers-by inadvertently hurt And, having gotten to the police for this, I saw her - and died on the spot. I donít know what she was doing there - To get a passport, she must have come. She was young, white-skinned and beautiful, I decided to track down the gal. I followed her, and remembered the doorway, What shall I say, a hoodlum that I am? I took a sip, and invited the sweetie To a near-railroad restaurant. As we walked, the passers-by grinned at me, I couldnít take it - just cry for help. I smacked some guy on the mug Because he winked at her. I smeared black caviar on white bread for her, Money flowed away river-like, What songs did I order for her! And at last ordered "The Cranes" Till the morn I was giving her promises, Repeated something again and again, For five days I hadnít robbed anyone, My love-at-the-first-sight. I was telling her that my life was lost, Blew my nose, wiped my tears with the scarf. And she told me, "I believe you, Let us only agree on the price." I struck her, the white-skinned beauty, The young blood boiled in me, I realized what she was doing at the police, My love-at-the-first-sight.
© Ilya Vinarsky. Translation, ?