Of our meeting - what is there to say? I waited for it, as they wait for a disaster, However, you and I began to live Without fear of the dire consequences. I narrowed down the circle of your friends, Clothed, shod, and pulled out of the dirt, However, behind you dragged the long tail, The long tail of your brief liaisons. Then, I remember, I beat up your friends, For some reason, I didnít like them, Although among them, there must have been Excellent guys, of this I am quite certain. Whatever you asked for - instantly I did, Each hour I wanted to turn into a wedding night. Because of you, I jumped beneath a train, Fortunately, I wasnít too successful. And had you waited for me the fateful year When I was sent to the "dacha", For you, I would have stolen the skyvault, And two stars from the Kremlin, in addition. And take my word, by all that is holy I swear, Donít lie, donít drink, and Iíll forgive the betrayals, And give you the Bolshoi Theater as a gift, And the Little Sports Arena, as well. However, now I am not ready to meet you, I fear you, I fear the intimate nights, Like many Japanese Fear another Hiroshima.
© Ilya Vinarsky. Translation, ?