Dedicated to Marina Vladi
Here the branches of spruces are trembling aweigh Here the birds are chirping anxiously You live in a bewitched wild forest, And itís impossible to escape from there. Let the bird-cherries are drying like a laundry in the wind Let the the flowers of lilacs are falling like a rain Anyway I will take you from there To the palace, where the flutes play Your world is hidden from me and from the light By the sorcerers for thousands years And you think that thereís nothing more beautiful than that bewitched forest. Let there wonít be the dew on the leaves in the morn Let the moon will be at loggerheads with the overcast skies Anyway I will take you from there To the light tower-room with a view of the sea At what day of the week, at what time of the day Youíll go out to me gently?.. When I will take you away on my hands To the place where no one can find you?.. I will steal you if you donít mind to be stolen, - Have I wasted so much efforts in vain? You should agree at least for love in the cottage If the tower-room and the palace are occupied by someone!
© Alexander Laskavtsev. Translation, 2015