My hands have stopped shaking now, time to climb! Now my fear has vanished for ever and ever. I have no reason to stop. I glide forth... There are no summits in this world that canít be conquered! Among all the unexplored paths let one be mine, among all the unreached milestones, one is for me The names of those who died here are shrouded by snow... Among all the untravelled roads, one is mine. Here the whole slope is covered in blue ice, And the granite keeps the secret of otherís footsteps... And Iím looking at my dream above heads And I have a religious faith in the purity of snow and words! No matter how many years go by, I wonít forget how I managed to kill the doubt inside me right here. That day the water whispered to me: Good luck, always! Now what day was it already? Ah yes, Wednesday!
© ?. Translation, 2016