I am the Fighter My engine roars Heaven is my address But the One inside me to heaven soars Thinking he is the Fighter, no less In that battle I shot the Kraut down Doing it all on a whim But the One inside me Just sits around God, am I sick of him. In the last battle I got some holes The mechanic done patched me clean But the One inside me Reverses roles Forcing me into a spin The B-29 brings death on itsí wings Death to the ground below As if the bomb stabilizer Trembles and sings "Peace me onto your home" The Kraut is coming at me from behind Escape is my only hope But the One inside me Put me in a bind Ramming the foe on the slope What is he doing? We will detonate! My death wonít be quick and now Defying all limits Of speed and weight I escape from the spin somehow I am the lead, to hell with all that Where is he, that flying Joe? His siren wailed And then went flat "Peace be onto your home" The One inside me is all alone And pretty much stuck up here He deceived me again And into a spin Straight from the loop and clear He pulls the joystick, this is good-by Ace pilot, who ever knew? For now all I can do is comply But this is the last time I do. I wonít be obedient, not again! I better be dead on the ground! Canít he hear my pulse? What is wrong with the man? My gasoline blood ran out There is only so much a Fighter can bear My patience is wearing thin But the One inside me Slumped in his chair Never to rise again He is dead as a door! I am free at last! For that I have always prayed But what is wrong? I am spinning fast! A spin I cannot evade. I regret not having done enough Another the sky will roam But still I can say That I know my stuff "Peace be onto your home"
© Rina Gonzalez Gallego. Translation, 2018