10th International Documentary Film Festival of Wlodzimierz Wysocki started on Sunday.
The Museum named after the artist invites you to Koszalin.

Wlodzimierz Wysocki was an actor, poet, but above all, he was a singer. His husky baritone was known and recognized in all countries of the former USSR. But he never gained recognition in the eyes of Soviet authorities.

It's been the 10th time since Wlodzimierz Wysocki Museum organizes the Documentary Film Festival about this great singer. Numerous projections, unique archival discoveries and film workshops attract many creators and artists from around the world.

This year's editionwill be attended by many film directors, artists, scientists, actors and writers from 38 countries worldwide.

The festivaloffers many attractions, such as a two-day movie marathon, archival discoveries (including the projection of silent films with sound), competition projections, a footage recorded six months before the death of the poet. Additionally, attendees will have a chance to see many exhibitions (including "Moscow Hamlet in Paris"), take part in panel discussions, concerts ("For the Peace of Wlodzimierz Wysocki's Soul"), competitions, and meet with directors Sergiej Koczerga, Oleg Wasin, Lion Nadel. There will be also time for discussions with experts.

As every year,a video competition will be held. The final is reserved for films from 10 countries: Azerbaijan, Finland, France, Israel, Canada, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Romania. A Special Award for lifetime achievement shall be granted for the second time. The nominees are: Peter Berggren, Witalij Manskij, Igor Rachmanow and Ilya Rubinstein.

The festival takes place from January, 28 till January, 30


W Museum

An exhibition entitled "Vysotsky - Museum Parade" has opened at the Municipal Cultural Centre at 105 Zwyciestwa street in Koszalin. On display are such items as Vladimir Vysotsky"s guitar, on which he played during his sole African concert in Casablanca in April 1975, the Russian bard"s trade-mark leather sport jacket and 900 other exhibits - manuscripts, autographs, photos and the poet"s personal effects. Dr Marlena Zimna, the organizer of the exhibition and author of the book "Who Killed Vysotsky?", scoured 24 different museums throughout the world. The show has been additionally enriched with keepsakes from 28 private collections. The exhibition attests to the scope of the artist"s legend. On wine (port) labels there is the quotation: "The only thing more beautiful than mountains are mountains that have never been climbed." There is a brand of tea called "Vysotsky Black Label" and tickets for a Vysotsky Memorial Boxing Match. Reflections by Marina Vlady have to do with Planet Vysotsky. The sex proposal of two resourceful girls made use of a quote from "Occurrences along the Way": "Our height and faces have turned out right, for which we thank Mum and Dad". The offer ends with the typical: "Ring us up and you"ll be convinced..." Next to that lies the tourist brochure of a Norwegian travel bureau touting an excursion "Following in Vysotsky"s Footsteps", a photo of the artist"s figure at Moscow"s Wax Museum, a collective edition of the poet"s verse, published in the US, numerous viewcards bearing his likeness, ex libris stickers and illustrations to accompany his songs. Also included are posters of a show about Vysotsky from New York and London, Stockholm and Warsaw, Krakow and Gdansk, Slupsk and Zgierz. The next showcase contains the June 1995 decree of Moscow Mayor Luzhkov on the construction of a Vysotsky monument at Peter"s Gate. The exhibition runs until 12 January.


An exhibition devoted to Volodia Vysotsky. The collection from Vysotsky's Museum in Koszalin.
Teatr Nowy, Lodz, Wieckowskiego 15
Exhibition 6th September at 6pm, opened till 13th September

The exhibition presents the early years of the poet, but also the history of his family. There are certificates, IDs, fragments from rabbi books, notary papers, handwritten autobiographies, numerous photos - nowhere else could we see such things. The archives were imported from 7 countries (Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Israel, Germany and the USA), from the State archives, but also from private collections. The exhibition presents those parts of life of the poets that are usually neglected. Vysotsky shown here is not the one admired by the whole world, but the one who was not yet famous, because he was just entering the grown-up life. We'll also focus on his ancestors, and on those who were given immortality by him (e.g. a neighbour). We'll show the legendary streets (Pervaja Meshchanskaja, Bolshoj Karetnyj) and houses he lived in, and also the street he didn't sing about, but where he's still remembered (e.g. the German Marienwerder Strasse).

The integral element of the exhibition will be the show of biographical films and documentaries, presented by dr. Marlena Zimna the director of the Vysotsky's Museum in Koszalin.

The opening of the exhibition will be accompanied by the recital of Miroslaw Czyzykiewicz.

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